Comic Book Passions Labs:
Project One - Digging into Comic Book Passions

The following sites are the most popular Passions Network sites for Comic Book Passions members, listed in order of popularity:

Nerd Passions

Gaming Passions

Movies Passions

Music Passions

Funny Passions

Computer Passions

Horror Passions

Shy Passions

Trek Passions

Zombie Passions

Romance Passions

Manga Passions

Asia Passions

Intellectual Passions

Reading Passions

Cosplay Passions

TV Passions

Adventure Passions

Food lovers Passions

Rock Passions

Please keep in mind that each member of Comic Book Passions is their own individual, with their own personal interests and passions in life. The sites listed above do not neccessarily represent any one person on Comic Book Passions, but rather they may give a view into the interests of the Comic Book community as a whole, especially as Passions Network and Comic Book Passions grow.

We plan to add additional projects and data in this area in the future, so check back periodically to see what we're working on.